The Trident Technoplex is coming up fast on the patch of Ac 11.00 at Plot No.F2, Chandaka Industrial Estate, Infocity Area, Bhubaneswar-24. The large govt plot of F2 (11 acres) has been subdivided to various subplots to house multiple educational institutions of the Trident Group. This complex now accommodates the School of Computer Applications,the School of Biotech Sciences and School of Social works of Trident Academy of Creative Technology (TACT) and the Engineering College Trident Academy of Technology (TAT). To get the exact location of the campus, please click here.


MCA/MBA College

 For courses of MCA , MBA , 
 BBA & BCA , the following are
 the  contact  details :-

 Trident Academy of Creative  
 Technology F-2, Chandaka 
 Industrial Estate, In front of 
 Bhubaneswar - 751024
 Phone - 0674-6570724,
            6649003, 6649008
 e-mail : tactindia@yahoo.com


Biotech Science College

 For courses of M.Sc.
 M.Sc. Medical Biotechnology,
 M.Sc. Bioinformatics,
 B.Sc. Biotechnology 
 the following are the  contact 
 details :-

 Trident Academy of  Creative
 Technology F-2, Chandaka
 Industrial  Estate, In front of  
 Bhubaneswar - 751024
 Biotech Admission Cell -
 e-mail : tactindia@yahoo.com


Engineering College

 Trident Academy of Technology 
 F-2, Chandaka
 Industrial Estate, In front
 of  Infocity,  
 Bhubaneswar - 751024
 Phone -  0674-6649036,
             6649037, 6649038
 Fax  -    0674-6649043
 e-mail: tatbbsr@dataone.in


 Contact :
Mrs. P.Mishra, Director TACT

Contact :
Dr. Mrs. Kalpana Dash, DEAN
  School of Biotech Sciences

Contact :
Sri Ajay Kumar Patnaik
Administrative Officer (I/c)




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